Why We Love Utility Kilts (despite being traditionalists)

What are the different types of kilts? This breaks down mainly into “traditional kilt” and “utility kily”. The traditional kilt is the wool tartan one with no pockets or added gadgets that has been worn in Scotland for at least 250 years (more or less in it’s current form). The utility type (utilikilt, tactical kilt, hiking kilt, contemporary kilt, man skirt, M.U.G. etc…) is a very very young idea by comparison.

You may ask why did the Scots wear kilts instead of pants? Lots of reasons! Comfort, identity, practicality, personal expression…
And believe it or not, a lot of these reasons also apply to wearing a utility kilt.

And you might think that we, as makers of traditional kilts, don’t like utility kilts, but actually we think they are pretty cool. Especially as hiking and camping season approaches!


Located in Spring City PA, USA Kilts is a team of American kilt makers who have been making men’s kilts in authentic clan tartans since 2003. We craft a full range of kilts right in our shop, from our budget casual kilt to our traditional machine sewn, hand-finished 8-Yard kilt. We specialize in all aspects of highland wear and Celtic clothing including Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts and accessories.


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