The ULTIMATE White Crew Socks Guide – Comparing Kirkland, Gold Toe, Nike and Adidas Socks

This is the sock guide you didn’t know you needed.
White crew socks are an essential part of one’s wardrobe. So you might as well invest in some socks that are comfortable, good quality and last a long time, right?
For this video, we compare and contrast between 4 popular white sock brands: Kirkland vs. Gold Toes vs. Nike vs. Adidas.

0:00 Overview
0:38 Why This Video Important or Significant?
1:11 Price, Which Pair is Most Affordable?
2:29 Comfort, Which Pair is Most Comfortable?
5:01 Durability, Which Pair Lasts the Longest?
6:54 Which Sock Brand Is the Best?

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Adidas Socks:

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