TCATTU #7 – The Coulthurst Family Massacre

The Coulthurst family lived in Washington state and came from a long line of fisherman. In 1982, John and Sally Coulthurst purchased an $800,000 fishing boat that was anchored in Craig, Alaska. They tapped their son Mark as the co-owner and skipper of the boat. Mark, his wife Irene, and their two young children, along with four crew members set out for the summer fishing season. But, things turned tragic as the season ended, all 8 aboard the vessel were killed and the ship was set on fire.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the horrific and mysterious Coulthurst family massacre. Eyewitnesses said they saw someone driving the boat’s skiff back to the beach. Police zeroed in on a suspect that matched the description of the eyewitnesses. Prosecutors tried twice to convict John Peel but were unsuccessful. Did John Peel kill 8 people and burn up the boat to destroy evidence? If not, who would have wanted the Coulthurst’s and their crew dead?

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