very fun unrated demon level! while it’s object-heavy, it looks very clean and polished. the level has a very high quality throughout. some of the gameplay had some weird click patterns but it was pretty easy to move past that. highly recommend you play this! id: 64890042 song: dunderpatrullen –Continue Reading

Hello 👋🏾 you beautiful #Knottycreatives and welcome back 🤩 Due to all the requests for lighter colored I am back with a video showing just that so you guys can see the pattern better and I also addressed the questions about helping the thigh-highs stay up. Tools 🧰 you’ll need:Continue Reading

Thigh-high stockings: the bane of my cosplay existence. They look great, but need to be adjusted constantly. So, today I’m going to show you how to keep your thigh-high stockings in place! SUBSCRIBE to my channel! New videos every Thursday! Instagram: Cosplay Amino: Facebook: It Stays! Roll-On Body Adhesive: Song:Continue Reading

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