Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed this short video of some Halloween socks I purchased from Amazon. Let me know how I did with the transitions, I tried my best ;-; Socks: (non-affiliate) SOCIAL PATREON (yoga + movement classes for $15/month) MUSIC Upbeat Hip Hop by Morning Light Music sourceContinue Reading

The Coulthurst family lived in Washington state and came from a long line of fisherman. In 1982, John and Sally Coulthurst purchased an $800,000 fishing boat that was anchored in Craig, Alaska. They tapped their son Mark as the co-owner and skipper of the boat. Mark, his wife Irene, andContinue Reading

In August of 2020 I ordered some socks from Cool East Market: I wanted to try out some tabi socks, and they had some cheap ones, along with a few other things I wanted to order. That, plus being based out of Toronto, I had to check it out. IContinue Reading

today we play among us but its a new store mod where you can buy stuff to help yourself such as a nuke #amongus #mods Friends Join MC Server → SOCKS.GG Merch→ Reddit → Discord → Twitter → Insta → Live → Music → (Kevin MacLeod) → (Epidemic) Outro →Continue Reading