This is just my way! HOPE YOU ENJOY! 😀 Music used in this video (Cut and Run & Ice Flow): My MailBox/P.O Box!! Autumn Jones PO BOX 1651 Hazard, KY 41702 If you are a company and would like for me to review a product / sponsor, you may contactContinue Reading

Sock Slider is a device that allows you to put on socks without bending over. I tried it out with several socks of different lengths, as well as with Copper Fit Compression Socks. Shorter socks seem much easier to put on with Sock Slider than longer socks. Buy it: •Continue Reading

In August of 2020 I ordered some socks from Cool East Market: I wanted to try out some tabi socks, and they had some cheap ones, along with a few other things I wanted to order. That, plus being based out of Toronto, I had to check it out. IContinue Reading