Soni Panda Reviews Cosy Tights Heating Fleece Lined Transparent Tights

A lot of you will remember a similar pair I did a few years back – this time I have got a fleece-lined pair of ‘transparent’ tights to try out. These are a lot thicker than my last, so let’s see how these look and test out today!

🖤The Spec
Colour: Black
Weight: 220g Fleece-Lined
Price: $39.98

The Perks:
✔ Transparent look with fleece lining and perfect for a slim silhouette.

✔An eco-friendly alternative to traditional tights,

✔ Saves you money: you could save over 200 euros per year for the purchase of reusable Cosytights™

✔ Ultra resistant: 8 out of 10 women complain about the quality of their tights. Cosytights™ has designed the first revolutionary tights with unsurpassed resistance.

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I hope you enjoyed this review!

Soni Panda x