Shop Update: My Vanilla Sweater and Laine's 52 Weeks of Socks

Welcome to The Woolly Thistle’s shop update! Thank you for joining me here. Links for everything mentioned are below! Enjoy.


Watch for a chance to win a prize from The Woolly Thistle!

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Shop Update mentions:
WWF – Australia
#TWTmittenKAL2020 started 2/13/20 with thanks to @ginnisr
and @torirotdesign donating Cast On prizes (along with 2 x Gift Cards from TWT)
Burra Cowl designed by Marie Wallin, kits available (when back in stock)
My Vanilla Sweater in Rauma Finullgarn
Ann Budd’s Book of Top Down Sweaters
Maja’s Swedish Mittens
Corinne is knitting Spruce Sprig Mittens in Lettlopi
Winter Knits from Scandinavia
Birlinn Yarns from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Balvraid Hap
Felt pouches and leather tape measure and leather pouch
Laine’s 52 Weeks of Socks (available again soon)
Gentle by Marie Wallin
Primrose Yarn set from Gentle by Marie Wallin
Mistletoe Tam set from Gentle by Marie Wallin
Meadow by Marie Wallin
Wildwood by Marie Wallin
Walnut Tam Kit in British Breeds
British Breeds 4ply Yarn by Marie Wallin
Shetland by Marie Wallin
By Hand Lookbook 11: VT & NH (with a Woolly Thistle mention!)
Seaweed Slipover Yarn Set (when back in stock)

Katie Green Bean Pop Up Shop

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