We compared 15 different lolita petticoats to come up with this ultimate lolita petticoat comparison guide! Which ones are the cheapest, which has the most poof,… Find out now! Cupcake Kamisama’s blog post: I go in more depths about the shapes (A-line vs Cupcake for which dresses) in this videoContinue Reading

* EXPAND FOR FAQ, LINKS, AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION * More DIY’s coming in the future! THUMBS UP, RATE, & COMMENT! ♡ Social Media ♡ ☪ Instagram: @adammamichelle ( ) ☪ Twitter: @AdammaMichelle ( ) ☪ Tumblr: ☪ Kik Message: adammamichelle ———Frequently Asked Questions ——— Camera: Canon Powershot Editing Software: iMovieContinue Reading

Hello 👋🏾 you beautiful #Knottycreatives and welcome back 🤩 Due to all the requests for lighter colored I am back with a video showing just that so you guys can see the pattern better and I also addressed the questions about helping the thigh-highs stay up. Tools 🧰 you’ll need:Continue Reading