No Show Socks or Footies? What Are These Socks?

Can you help us with a problem we have?

Look at this picture and what do you see? I don’t mean the summer scene on the water I mean what are these guys wearing? You could say socks but they are not normal socks?

At Jays Barely There we want to know what these are as they seem to have so many names, everybody calls them something different. This is fine but as we sell these little socks and it would really help if we knew what you call them.
Maybe you call them no show socks?

Others call them loafer socks, boat shoe socks, even invisible socks
We have had other people call them Shoe liners, hidden sock liners and footies
So what do you call them? Maybe you call them something completely different
To find out we have launched a poll on our website and blog. Pay us a quick visit at and let us know what you call them.
If you prefer pop by our Facebook page and vote there

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So please let’s give these things a definite name, go to

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