Tights are a form of textile garment, worn primarily around the leg area to the toe tips, with a close fit around the foot. They also come in various opaque, sheer, and fishnet patterns or even a blend, including the classic American interpretation of the term pantyhose. They can come with straps or without straps, or be designed as leggings, shorts, skirts or pants.


Tights and pantyhose were once sold by men for personal protection, as liners of horsehide, padded undergarments to ward off chills. Tights and leggings are now worn by women for fashion and variety. They can be worn with virtually any outfit. For the summer months, hosiery can be worn as casual or smart tops, while pantyhose is a great alternative to slacks for colder weather wear.

Tights can be purchased in a variety of materials such as nylon, cotton, polyester, wool and so forth. One of the most popular types of tights today is seamless nylon. A seamless tights material produces a very tight weave that can be worn with no seams to allow fullness or give a snug fit. Other types of tights such as hosiery, pantyhose and tights can have seam allowances in them that can be removed for washing purposes. The reason these items are called tights is because they are made to cover or keep clothes from moving around in the yard or around the house – this prevents the clothing from becoming wet and uncomfortable.

Another type of tights is panty hose. Pantyhose are generally used in warm weather as panty hose can absorb and trap body heat for prolonged wear. They can also be used as an alternative to pants as they can be worn over pants to provide a bit of coverage. Opaque tights are made of thicker fabrics like nylon and cotton and do not have the same benefits of pantyhose.

Tights are also separated into two major categories: opaque and non-opaque. Non-opaque tights have small dots that are colored in order to make them appear less bright when they reflect light – this helps to hide any leg or waist band visible through the garment. There are three main types of opaque tights – sheer, opaque and mesh. Sheer tights are the least translucent, as they are usually dyed in white or other neutral shades. Opaque tights have small dots on them and are much more brightly colored than sheerer tights.

A lot of people opt for tights with little to no pantyline as they hide pantyline very well. Tights with little to no pantyline look great under tights, especially if you have sheer tights. For opaque tights the pantyline looks great with the sheer material. Mesh tights also look great with sheer as they absorb light and disperse it around the legs.

A very comfortable pantyhose product is cotton blend hosiery. They are soft, breathable and comfortable to wear all year round. They are available in various colours to suit your individual tastes. The cotton blend tights are suitable for many sports activities because of their durability and flexibility.

When buying pantyhose, you need to make sure that you buy genuine pantyhose. You can check this by asking the retailer to demonstrate how the tights will be washed and dried. Genuine tights come in small or large packs depending on the user’s needs. You can also buy tights from internet stores. There are many online stores that sell pantyhose stockings at competitive prices.

Some people prefer pantyhose over stockings because they are comfortable to wear all year round. The pantyhose keep the legs cool during the hot summer months. They also absorb body moisture so they do not cause skin irritation. Many young people like pantyhose because they can look fashionable without being restricted by cumbersome undergarments. Stockings are worn mainly during the cold winter months when the temperature is a concern.

Some people prefer to use tights for special purposes. For example, some people wear them underneath trousers to act as a form of thigh protection. Tights can also be worn over the pants to act as pantyhose to give additional coverage. Those who are into dance or sports will appreciate pantyhose stockings as they provide added warmth and comfort. For those who are vegetarian, tights are a great way to supplement your vegetarian diet.

A pantyhose stocking is often much more comfortable than undergarments. This is because they do not restrict body movement and they are easy to put on and take off. If you are considering purchasing tights, you should shop around to find the best deal. Some vendors will offer discount prices if you purchase in bulk.