If You Don’t Sleep with Socks on, Start Tonight

There are few things better than jumping into those PJs after a stressful day! Believe it or not, what you wear to bed impacts both your mental health and physical health. Your pajamas even affect your quality of sleep too! For example, silk is surprisingly good at body temp control but can be slippery and pricey. Flannel is ideal for the winter months if you still keep your bedroom cool.

So, how to overcome insomnia and get a better night’s sleep? Some say technology is to blame for sleeplessness. But did you know that insomnia is also present in animals and bugs? Whatever the reason, every problem has a solution. People need about 8 hours of good sleep every night. These simple recommendations can help you forget about insomnia forever and enjoy nice dreams every night.

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Wearing socks helps you sleep better! 0:21
Think about what material your PJs are made of 0:56
Keep it Loose! 1:35
Avoid buttons, snaps, zippers, and jewelry 2:14
Wash your PJs regularly 2:42
The best PJs might be…no PJs! 3:16
Consider a sleep mask 3:56
Some more sleep tips (other than counting sheep) 4:25

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