I Tried Starting A Custom Sock Store (What Happened)

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What’s going on everyone! In this video, I build a new custom sock brand in just 5 days.

IF you’re looking to get started with Print On Demand…

I recommend these 3 POD fulfillment centers: Printful, Gooten and Printify. Timely delivery and a very broad array of products that can be customized with ease. I’d also recommend checking out suppliers on Etsy! (untapped) Etsy is also a phenomenal product research platform when trying to find your winning product.

High ticket products are your best-friend when it comes to winning products. Cases, blankets, canvases, posters,… just about anything but a t-shirt. The higher the margin, the better. The products we will have a margin between $20-$45. We break even with most of our ad costs, and make our profit on the backend. Emails, upsells, product / sale campaigns with our list,…

If you’re new to Print On Demand or just seeing it for the first time, I highly recommend the model when starting an eCommerce business! The barrier to entry is super low, great quality products and fast shipping. Q4 is just under 1 month a way, the best time of the year for selling these kinds of products.

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