This video is about our body socks and ways to use them.

We’re a family run business that started up in early 2017 & our inspiration and motivation to start up this business was because we have our own children on the spectrum with Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADHD and ADD.

We have experience from a pre-school teaching background and working with SEN children daily and all the educational authorities in the whole process of determining if a child needs support and a diagnosis.

Other experiences we have are dealing with SEN children as their parents, we have attended courses run by the Autism Intervention Team, Middleton Training Centre for Autism, Mencap, Autism NI, National Autistic Society, PEAT and smaller ASD groups across Northern Ireland.

We found it extremely hard and frustrating to find products that OT and paediatricians, and other professional bodies had recommended for us to purchase and when we finally did find some, we were shocked at the price of them!

So, we got to work…… we decided that we would source products ourselves and not charge extortionate prices for them.

We want to supply products that help make life a bit easier for you the parent and to provide helpful aids for your child to make their life easier and happier.

We have sensory products that will help in your child’s development, help to promote self-esteem and confidence, improve fine motor and gross motor skills but more importantly, they will support to calm your child when they are distressed, angry and upset in a safe and comfortable way.

We also know that the toys we’ve sourced for you, provide sensory and educational fun for all children, with or without special needs.

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