How to make DIY non-slip socks, tights, mitts + gloves | Easy(ish) S01E02

Today’s Parent DIY editor Mandy Milks shows you a simple hack to make non-slip socks using one craft material: puffy fabric paint. Kid learning to walk? these non-slip socks will make it so much easier. It also works amazingly on mitts, gloves and tights, and requires no artistic skills!

This non-slip sock hack is not just for kids, you can DIY your own yoga socks (way cheaper!). It will also make those mitts and gloves extra grippy for the monkey bars–your kids will love them. DIY all the things with just one bottle of puffy fabric paint.

This is Easy(ish), a new how-to & DIY series from Today’s Parent that shows you how to hack your way through life with kids. From cleaning and organizing to helpful DIY projects and fun crafts, Mandy’s got you covered. Come back every Friday for a new—even more reliable than your kid’s next tantrum.

So, where do you buy puffy fabric paint?
You’ll find the biggest selection at your local craft store. Mandy bought hers here:

If you liked the non-slip sock hack, check out these super cool DIY sneakers:

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