Easy knit baby booties, socks | Baby Sock with Straight Needles | Knit Socks for kids With subtitles

Learn to knit these super easy Baby Booties, Slippers for Newborn Super Easy To Make .Happy knitting.
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Good luck !
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Adult Size Socks :

How to caston sts for any project :

Cast on method :

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Stockinette Stitch ( knit and purl ) :

Fisherman’s rib :

List of knitting Techniques :

pm – place marker.
m1 – increase one stitch.
k1b – knit 1 stitch through back.
psso – Pass slipped stitch over.
yf – Yarn front.
yb – yarn back.
CO – Cast on
st – Stitch
sts – stitches
k – Knit.
p – purl.
ssk – Slip slip knit.
k2tog – Knit 2 sts together.
p2og – Purl 2 sts together.
k3tog – knit 3 sts together.
sl – slip
LH – Left hand
RH – Right hand
psso – pass slip stitch over.
kw – knitwise
pw – purlwise.