Cool East Market Socks Try on/Review

In August of 2020 I ordered some socks from Cool East Market:
I wanted to try out some tabi socks, and they had some cheap ones, along with a few other things I wanted to order. That, plus being based out of Toronto, I had to check it out. I was happy with my experience, and wanted to share how I’ve been finding the socks I got now that it is March of 2021.

In this video:
• Ankle Tabi Socks – Ankle Tabi Socks / White / Large
• Ankle Tabi Socks – 3-Pair Set Ankle / Black / Large
• Tall Tabi Socks – 1 Pair Tall Tabi Socks / Black / Large
• 5-Toe Vibram Coolmax Athletic Socks – Large
• Vibram Merino Wool Crew Length Five-Toe Socks – Large (M8.5-11.5/W10-13)
• Canadian Polar Fleece Tabi Socks – Extra Large / Nordic

Hopefully you find this video helpful if debating trying to order from Cool East Market!
Happy to try my best at answering any possible questions in the comments below.