4 Ways to Tie Dye – Bullseye, Swirl, Stripe and Ombre

There are a ton of ways to tie dye! This tutorial will show you 4 of them; Bullseye, Swirl, Stripe and Ombre. I tie dye t shirts and a onesie in this tutorial but you can tie dye anything that is white and will lay flat (sheets, blankets, skirts, socks etc) Use whatever colors you want. I used fabric dye made by Tulip, I will include a link below. You can use whatever fabric dye you want, Rit Dye can be found at most grocery stores and it works really well. Use gloves if you don’t want tie dye hands! This is a great summer project, enjoy!

Item to Tie Dye (I used these t shirts and these onesies
Fabric Dye (
Rubber Bands
Plastic bags or wrap
Rubber gloves (optional)
Paint brush (optional)
Cup for water (optional)

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This tutorial was made by McCall for Mr Otter Studio